Tamara Vukov
Strange Moves: Speculations and Propositions on Mobility Justice
Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Dans le cadre du Sommet de l’avenir

(en anglais)

How would we move differently in a just world? In the current context of intensive and heightening algorithmic forms of « predictive » mobility control at different scales and across borders, this presentation offers some speculative reflections on mobility justice as a political horizon and project. In so doing, it experiments with and proposes a number of strange moves that may contribute to current efforts to dislodge ruling logics of mobility control increasingly targeting bodies on the move (whether crossing borders or moving through urban spaces). By experimenting with « strange moves »i n the context of the increasingly normative policing of mobilities at a number of scales, this presentation highlights the ways in which unexpected alliances can advance a broad collective approach to mobility justice.

23.01.2019 Sommet
Centre Canadien d'Architecture

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